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In the globalized world in which we live, it is very interesting to meet global trends in technology. In this case the BIM beyond the countries that always set the course as USA, Germany, Japan, China, etc. Depending on the type of product or market, there is always a leading country in trends. BIM is something different in this respect. While one can think faster than is USA who heads the list (as usual in software), it remains unclear whether a single leader, as there are many countries that top… Read More »

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Revit Express


We have created a series of videos on Revit to show how easy it is to create a building with this great software. Revit is BIM, and we invite you to know the process of creating a building in Revit, step by step. This set of videos will show the way forward with Revit, express way. On the other hand, from we invite you to visit the section of “video tutorials” that we have created to teach you to master the techniques that allow you to work better with AutoCAD, Revit,… Read More »

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AutoCAD 2016

07-01-2015 16-45-40

AutoCAD 2016 is in ALPHA, about to become BETA … and since the first rumors about the news of the next version appear. The first thing we can tell, it seems that we say goodbye to format DWG2013 previous versions, to give the new DWG2016 format. When a format changes, many changes that implies. It can only mean that the 2016 version contains important developments in the structure of the program that requires a change in DWG format. As we know that is also being affected format Inventor 2016, and… Read More »

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<!–:es–>AutoCAD 2015: descarga en español y otros idiomas<!–:–><!–:en–>AutoCAD 2015: to download<!–:–>

31-03-2014 17-40-22 copia

The main Autodesk website already offers the ability to download AutoCAD 2015 in all languages. If you want to try AutoCAD 2015, you can download already. Here I leave the link anywhere. ¿Quieres conocer las novedades de AutoCAD 2015 en español? Haz clic en este enlace

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AutoCAD 2015: Lenguages

30-03-2014 18-47-30

I wanted to tell you that is now available on AutoCAD 2015 Help in several languages, including Spanish, Italian, French, German, English and others. Here I leave the link where you can download the full Help, in the language of their choice and get to know the variants of this release.

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When the client wants, but can not.


Everyone has in mind the home of your dreams. Not always is a “whole” , as it depends on many things. A teenager , you might think about having a movie room , a pool, a sports hall , living room with double height, spacious rooms while an older couple , consider the convenience of a small house , easy to maintain , from a plant discard if not having all the modern amenities. The architect even is someone who by their profession may be unable to create their own… Read More »

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Bibliocad tutorials

05-02-2014 12-03-43

In recent months , we have launched a new service that aims to create tutorials for the most used programs for our friends . With this service , we seek not only BiblioCAD be a reference for you as an online resource library for architecture and engineering , but also help them find answers to everyday problems you may have with your favorite programs. We do not have a clear trend of few tutorials climb of one issue or another . In this sense, your participation is critical. Those issues… Read More »

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When my company become BIM


Every day the term BIM appears in the dialy language and many people associated it with the program that they know. Many people believe that BIM and Revit are the same, when in fact Revit is simply a program based on BIM such as AutoCAD is based on CAD technology….

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