Passive Heating


A passive heating system involves the use of a source of energy able to provide the necessary heat. In passive solar architecture, there are architectural elements that favour and intensify solar energy collection.

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BiblioCAD ZOOM available!


In BiblioCAD we are pleased to introduce a new tool, requested several times by our users. ZOOM, with this utility you can view and explore the files of the library with a greater level of detail expanding what you want to view.

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Passive Systems


Building construction in natural and man-made environments involves the disruption of the place and consequently, an environmental impact that has to be controlled.

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Sustainable Materials | Glass, Openings, Ceramic Tiles, Paints


Although many recycling programmes include glass bottles, a high percentage ends in landfills. This is why recycling and reusing glass is a good way of reducing waste and landfills. At the same time you can get a durable and versatile material that can be used in many settings.

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Sustainable Finishes | Insulating Materials


Sustainable building sets as main objective the reduction of energy consumption. Insulation is a key element in the design of sustainable building. A well insulated construction reduces energy bills by keeping warm in winter and cool in summer, and this in turn cuts down carbon emissions related to global climate change.

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Sustainable Finishes | Roof Coverings


There are thousands of environmentally friendly materials available. With their colours and textures they offer a wide range of possibilities from where you can choose the aesthetic of the building. Chosen from the beginning, the different final components can shape the architecture and play the leading role throughout the complete building process. Sustainable buildings are no more regarded as cold and sober by common people. For many years, building technicians and professionals have been improving on the thousands of possibilities of the materials and making innovations in order to contribute to the ecological balance.

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<!–:es–>Terminaciones Sustentables | Pisos<!–:–><!–:en–>Sustainable Finishes | Floors<!–:–>

piso madera

<!–:es–>La elección responsable de los materiales intervinientes en la obra es algo que debe realizarse a lo largo de todo el proceso constructivo. Es por esto que las terminaciones y acabados finales, junto con los materiales que terminan de completar y hacer posible el edificio construido, son de fundamental importancia dentro de la construcción verde.<!–:–><!–:en–>The materials for the construction have to be selected responsibly throughout the building process. Therefore, the finishes and the finishing touches, together with the materials that complete the building and make it possible, are very important for green building.<!–:–>

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Sustainable Materials | Other Materials

04 casa Corcho

The main renewable, recyclable and sustainable materials and their special features for construction. The implementation possibilities of the materials and the options they offer.

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